Friday, March 22, 2013


Do you have that FAVORITE cup that you love to drink out of?
In my house we have two cabinets with two different styles of cups in them. When we were moving from Cali to Texas we were packing stuff up for storage and new house... but we could not decide which cups to bring. So I brought both styles. Husband enjoys regular glass cups and I slowly started to enjoy my mason jars to use as my cup... we always had extra from canning and they ended up in the cabinet. I have had a few people mention it and how old school it is :) Well.. I have a NEW favorite cup... and it just so happens.... it is a Big Mason Jar Cup!!! I love it.
Patrice from Bittersweet Lemonade sent me a new cup to review for you guys. From the moment I pulled it from the box, I was in love and using it non-stop. She was so great to put our very on Naturally Sisters decal on it- so you know I love it even more. This cup is amazing. I use it daily and I have actually gotten lots of compliments on it. The fact that it is glass and is still surviving after only a month tells you how much I really do love this sipper! Often times it is hard to keep the glass cups safe with my clumsy self AND my toddler running around wanting my cup. She has such a huge variety of 'sippers' to chose from and will even personalize them to your liking, as she did ours. You need to check them out at her ETSY SHOP. She has many different shapes, sizes, colors... they are all so fun. The cup I tried out and that someone will be receiving is a taller cup. I am SO glad she sent a tall one over because I am that customer in a restaurant that needs you to just go ahead and leave the water bottle so I can fill my own water up over.. and over... and over. The sipper is put together so well. It has a seal at the top that has the straw going through it. I have not had any issues with my drink coming out, even when it has fallen over!
I would recommend washing your sippers by hand and not putting into the dishwasher. Maybe I am just precautions, but I would rather be safe than sorry. The sippers clean easily because of the wide mouth... but I would worry about the decal coming off running it through the dishwasher. At Naturally Sisters we tell our customers the same thing when they purchase water bottles from us with decals on it.
I am so excited that one of you get to win your own sipper. She customized it for you and it says "Workout Diva" ... I am sure even if you don't work out, you know some girl that would love this sipper. They are really fun cups and I have gotten SO many compliments from it- even from men. Men are very intrigued with the top and how the straw goes through!
What you win?
-Customized Sipper that says "Workout Diva"
-Healthy Supplements placed inside for you to try!
I asked Patrice to send me over information about her business... so here you have it:
"Bittersweet Lemonade - "Summer Sippin' the way you Remember it"
I like all things vintage and I love lemonade... I also like to drink out of glass, especially mason jars.. I realized there was a market out there for mason jar drinks.. I knew I needed to make them special so I came up with the name bittersweet lemonade and make my mason jars for ALL ages and lifestyles .. kids (8oz sippers) parties (16oz sippers) and portable day drinks/sports drinks 24oz.
All of my sippers can be personalized and are dishwasher safe, (I recommend you hand wash the lids because the are tin).... They are STURDY because they are intended for canning and I think they keep your drinks colder because they are tempered canning jar glass. Wouldn't YOU rather drink from a glass jar vs. an acrylic bottle? Bittersweet Lemonade thinks so too!"

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello Time Change....

So last night, after I got home from work and ate a little bit of dinner, I walked into my very large closet and was finally about to change out of my work clothes and into some comfy clothes.  I was about to grab for my favorite yoga pants when my conscience came into affect and said....
"Hey maybe you should put on some workout clothes and go to the gym or for a run..."
My first initial thought was "NOPE! I just don't feel like it..."
Then I was reminded of the time change.  I remembered how much I love running late at night, after dinner is done, and I've had a moment to sit down.  Then to still have enough daylight to go outside and run at dusk! It's the best time of day to go, and this is getting to be the prettiest and best weather to run in.
All of a sudden I was motivated to go for a run! Isn't it funny that the time change can have such an impact on my motivation.  I think it is because thinking of the time change and this weather reminds me of last Fall when I first became a runner.  That was my cycle, and when I was thriving and hitting many PR's for the first time ever.  I would get home from work, cook dinner, eat, relax, then go for runs.  I was very motivated and encouraged by my accomplishments at that time, so when I was reminded of my inner feelings at that time of year, it motivated me to get into that more now!
So last night I put on my workout clothes and ran a short 2 mile run then did a Turbo Fire HITT 15 workout! I felt good!
Another Motivation!
Now I also have to remember that bathing suit season is literally right around the corner, in the coming months! I know towards the end of April when the pool opens my BFF will be ready to go get started on our tan (especially since she is going to Hawaii this summer), so I need to be ready to get in my bathing suit with confidence!!
This is the bathing suit that I bought last year that I have got to be ready for!!
If that's not motivation I don't know what is!!
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Thursday, March 7, 2013


It is Breast Cancer Awareness month and what better time to treat yourself or your lady to a new running bra.
A HANDFUL of what you may be asking!??
Well let me define Handful!
Hand-ful (noun) – A strong, confident, determined, active, compassionate, and/or adventurous woman. Sense of humor REQUIRED. (source)
 ”Handful was started by fitness enthusiast, Jennifer Ferguson, in Portland, Oregon. After years spent searching in vain for a good sports bra, Jennifer decided to channel her frustration creatively.  She designed and manufactured what she (and a lot of other female athletes) had been waiting for…that one sports bra that does it all! It has become much more than a sports bra for its admirers. The handful is an everyday bra that takes you from workout to weekend, looking great by itself or fantastic as a layering piece underneath.”   This is a small company that is run by 4 moms who are very involved in their community and very passionate about life! Who doesn't love that!?!
Check it out!
This is the bra that I got to review.
*Disclaimer: You don't see a picture of me wearing this bra because I couldn't figure out a good way to post a picture of me and show you the bra without me showing more skin then I am comfortable showing the internet world, but know that I wear it and LOVE it*
Here's a great picture of the packaging it came in when I got it in the mail! How fun! It comes with the mesh bag so that the bra is kept safe when washing it.
The Handful Bra is different than most sports bras.  Let's start with their motto:
"Made to flatter not flatten."
Most sports bras are made to compress your chest, while the Handful's goal is to separate and enhance while also providing support and comfort.  It does exactly that too.  At first it was weird for me to get used to.  Normally in any other sports bra I feel like my breasts get pretty flat.  With the Handful, I look as though I am wearing a regular doesn't feel that way though.  Also having the same enhancing effect, my breasts still feel supported and taken care of while I do sports such as yoga, running, or a kickboxing class.
Plus the thin straps make it easy to wear on a day-to-day basis, even when you aren't working out.  And the ruched front makes the bra feel sexy and sporty!
*Let me add that the bra also has a modesty padding inside.  This is easy to remove or add back in when needed.  I love it because as many girls now, after working out, when your sweat begins to dry, you get cold.  This, unlike most of my sports bras, helps hide the fact that I'm cold for all of the public to see.  The modesty padding really is great, and useful, even if you aren't a fan of padded sports bras.
little signautres
Wait though...there's more! Handful also has a Handful Tank.  That is the product that I, Big Sis, chose to review since I am pregnant.
The company asked us about our sizes and were honest in telling us that the Handful Bra would be great for Lil Sis because she is smaller chested than I am. They did suggest I try the Handful Tank though! I am so glad they still included me. This tank was wonderful. I have worn it with and without a sports bra. I wish I felt comfortable sharing pictures of myself in it for you, but I don't with this big pregnant belly :)
I love how the straps are so comfortable and do not fall off of my shoulders if I have them set to be straight. This made it that much easier for me to wear. Many of my tanks, the straps fall, fall, fall. I love that you have the flexibility to make it criss cross as well. I have worn it both ways and don't prefer one way over another! :)
I am glad I got the tank too because I felt like it held me in. Lil Sis will look fine in a sports bra running {not that she does}... but I have a bit more meat and would not look good nor feel comfortable! :) I loved how I felt it held me in. As my pregnant belly has grown it has started to ride up my belly... but I can't wait to try it again after baby.
Handful makes this tank a lot like the bra and has the removable pads for you.  I left mine in and had no issues, I really enjoyed it. I think this tank is perfect for an athletic person. If you are someone that needs that extra comfort around your belly, this is perfect.. if you are someone that loves tanks to workout in, this is perfect... If you just want an everyday tank to wear out and about, under your clothes, or around the house, this is the prefect one. I am so glad we were able to review this product... and now I am so glad that one of you will win a Handful product!! SO fun.
One other awesome thing about Handful!
Remember how I said they created their bra for enhancement! And their motto once again is:
"Made to flatter not flatten."
 A big platform that Handful Bras stand on is helping women who have had mastectomy's.
"We are proud to be an approved mastectomy bra, supporting breast cancer survivors during treatment and their return to good health and fitness." -Jennifer Ferguson, CEO of Handful Inc.
How awesome is that! Each of their bras have a slit in the side where you can put a padding.  Each bra comes with one pad and you can buy extra if needed.  This enables women to add multiple if needed to create a more natural looking chest after surgery.
Check out this AWESOME video that speaks on this even more!
Handful is giving one lucky person the choice of a Handful bra or tank!
They are also giving EACH of you a Discount Code! If you are looking for the perfect bra or tank, trust us, this is the one!
We are so excited that Handful has been so awesome to give each of you 15% off of your choice of bra or tank at All you need to do is use the Coupon Code FITSISTERS
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Sis' Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Experience

Well I LOVED the Disney Princess Half Marathon!
It was such a great experience....I went into it feeling confident because just three weeks before I had run 13.1 miles on my own.  I knew at this run that I would be doing intervals, and I'm not going to lie, knowing that I had trained more than my mom and sister made me more confident.  I think that is why I didn't feel too nervous about the race.  Unlike my first one where I was really nervous.
I think I was more excited than anything.  We spent the day before at Epcot and came back to our hotel at 5pm.  We planned to have an early dinner right around 5:30pm, but we had some complications with our resort restaurant, so we ate a little later.  Anyways, we got back to our room, took showers and set all of our stuff up.  It was nice to have everything ready to go.  The next morning it took me about 5 minutes to be fully dressed and ready.  (other than braiding my hair :-)) But just a TIP, when running a race set all of your clothes including your under garments out.  Have all of your GU or Energy essentials in your packs.  Have your bib pinned on your clothes, and anything else you are taking in a bag.  It really makes race morning stress free, quick and easy.
We needed it to be an easy morning since we were getting up at 2:30am to be at the race and in our corrals on time.  As I said I was not nervous before the race, but I must have been excited or something because the night before I could not sleep at all.  It took me an hour of rolling around to finally fall asleep...then when I woke up I felt like I had never slept.
Anyways, on to race day! We got to our corrals and we were so overwhelmed (in a good way) at the amount of people that were in this race! It was insane, and hard to even explain! Oh and just a side note: there were more porta-potties there than I had ever seen in one place in my whole life!!
Anyways, it was so much fun because Fairy-god Mother counted us down and told us to go, and they shot fireworks off for each corral's start time! You felt very special, and kind of like a big deal since they had MC's talking throughout the start! People were dressed up all over the place. Some just in tutus like us, but others in a full git-up of a Disney character! It was so fun, and I have to admit, more tutus than I had ever seen in my life!
So we started the race doing a 2/1 run-walk interval.  It wasn't bad at all.  The race was really fun seeing all the neat setups they had on the side of the road.  Like a big pirate ship, bands, characters...some of my favorite characters on the sides were all the Princes in one place, and all the Villains in one place! I thought those were fun! We didn't stop for any photos if the line was long.
I did get one with Pocahontas though!
Some people complained that for Disney there wasn't as much action throughout the race as they would figure.  I kind of agreed...especially on the hard miles, or the roads that were plain (not through the parks) it would've been nice for more entertainment to take your mind off of the race.
Along with that, although a great experience, there were SOOO many people running.  Literally the road was packed from side-to-side the entire race! There were no gaps.  So for this being my first BIG run, it was cool to experience, but if I was really trying to run the race, and maybe work at PRing, I don't feel like this was the ideal race to participate in because it was so hard to run a consistent pace without weaving!
It was amazing to get to run through the Disney parks though. And to run under the castle at Magic Kingdom! Here we are out in front of it! cupcakes
My Favorite Picture!
So we ran together and kept our 2/1 pace through about mile 8.  That was when Big Sis needed to slow down some so she told me to keep going and help my mom finish.  So, trusting that she was doing okay and would finish, I caught up with my mom and we kept running and walking throughout the last 5 miles.
Starting this race though, my sister told me that I could run ahead and do well since I had trained for it. I told her "No...!!"  I wanted this race to be about the experience with my mom and sister.  It wasn't about running and getting a good time to me, it was about having fun and experiencing this with my mom and sister!
So my mom and I ran to mile 13, and for the last .1 miles of the run, it was around a corner and up a slight hill.  We decided to stop and wait for my sister to catch up.  She was about a quarter of a mile behind us.  So when she caught up we all ran and finished the race together!
It was overall a wonderful experience! And although I loved the Disney run, it was an expensive I don't know if I would continue going back to Disney runs because like Big Sis and I talked about, it's fun to experience new things.  So if I was to pay for another big run I would want to go somewhere else and experience something new and exciting!
cupcakes cupcakes
1/2 Marathon #2= FINISHED!!! What's next?!?!
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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hey everyone! 
If you haven't heard, we have a new website!! 
We are now officially the
Here's some more new stuff about the website
We have both of our blogs linked to our webpage now: Naturally Fit Sisters (NFS) & Naturally Nesters (NN)
Along with the two blogs, we also have our online stores on our website.
-NFS Store: fitness accessories including Spi Belt & Bondi Band products 
 -NN Store: handmade jewelry, accessories, and custom made pillows & cushion.

We are so excited for 2013 and all that it holds for our website!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CLICK Winner & News!

We are so excited to share with you guys that we are getting ready to launch our new website with our store and blogs. Life has been quite hectic, so our apologies that the blogs have not been as often! We have a fantastic giveaway coming to you NEXT week!! But today we want to share with you the winner for the CLICK! 

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