Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liebster Award

Thank you so much to my friend over at Find Your Happy Pace for giving me the Liebster Blog Award! What is that you ask? 

The Liebster award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

Copied straight from Find Your Happy Pace

Rules for receiving this award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Then answer the questions the tagger sent for them, plus create 11 questions for the people they’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Notify the people you have tagged.
5. No tag backs.

11 Random Things About Me:
1. It took me almost a whole year to feel at home in California-- which is very unusual. But I can honestly say, today, I am SO happy here! 
2. I have only dated one person my whole life... and I married him. 
3. I spent many years and a lot of money receiving my Bachelors and Masters Degrees and have taught the past 5 years.... but now I regret those degrees. I don't think I will ever use them again outside my home. 
4. I worry about dying or losing my son on a normal basis.
5. I don't sleep well.. therefore, I am up much of the night and go on very few hours of sleep.
6. Running has become my passion and I want to help others so bad. I just wish I could figure the right direction to go with this. 
7. I don't have anything against people that chose to live in homosexual lifestyles. I agree with the Bible yes.. but I also think we are called to love and not judge. If I were judged on the things that I do that the Bible says we shouldn't it would be a bad day. I get so sick of reading status after status about it. Who cares... Just live your life the best you can. 
8. I really struggle with knowing what is right and what is wrong in regards to vaccinations. 
9. I really hope to get new wedding pictures done in February when we go to Florida. I have not told the husband of my plan yet. My goal has been to redo them when I get to that "perfect" weight... Aiming to feel comfy on the beach in Feb. to do that... just in time for our 10 year anniversary. 
10. I have an addiction to planners and want to buy a new one every week. I love office supply stores and am always trying to figure out how to use all of their awesome things in my home/business. 
11. I want to own our own business one day.
12. I secretly want to be a Personal Trainer one day.... 

Okay, here are my questions from Find Your Happy Pace:

1)  What is your favorite dessert?
Raspberry Cheesecake! Really most cheesecakes. 

2) What is your favorite time of year and why?
I really enjoy October-December. The holidays are fun to me. I really enjoy decorating my home for different holidays AND I love Christmas trees. I enjoy the changing of seasons during that time too. 

3)  Dark, milk or white chocolate?
4)  How do you get your “sweat on”?
Running. I start Cross Fit in another week.. excited about that. 

5) Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Gosh, I love just about anywhere that isn't busy. I am excited to take my boy to Disney- but it isn't somewhere I would chose to go because of the crowds. We personally enjoy camping... But my favorite destination I have been to so far: Thailand! 

6) What do you do to stay healthy?
Running.. and I try and eat as healthy as possible.

7) When did you first start blogging?
I started blogging initially in 2007.. mostly to keep my family updated about our adventures in Japan. 
I don't use it anymore at this point and plan to get it printed in a book. A lot of emotion in this blog. 

8) What was your first post?
I accidentally deleted the whole first portion of my blog, so sad.. So all it starts from is 2009. 

9)  Would you run for cupcakes?
Probably because I just like to run.. but I don't really enjoy cupcakes or cake.. Maybe for soft serve ice cream?!

10)  If you could meet one person (dead or alive) who would it be?
Jillian Michaels.... I can't help it, I heart her!! 

11)  What your favorite song to excercise too?
The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance... crazy, I know! 

OKAY! Now my 11 Questions:
1. What is your guilty pleasure?
2. What are your short term goals?
3. If you could donate to any charity, which one would it be?
4. If you were a millionaire and  had to give all of it away, who would you give it to and why?
5. Who do you admire?
6. What is your favorite childhood memory?
7. Do you still live in the same town you grew up?
8. Are you and Olympics Fan?
9. Did you go to college?
10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
11. What do you do to stay fit?

Happy Writing!! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekly Chase #1

I have decided to join in with my new friend, Melissa, over at Live, Love, & Run in her Weekly Chase Link-Up. This is right up my alley and I am SO excited to join in on this. As my last post talked about ... it is so important to me to have a plan and stick with it.. so I think participating in the Weekly Chase will help me.. Do you want to join too? Check out below for her directions.. then read all about mine! 

  1. Every Monday, bloggers will post at least one (1) goal that s/he would like to reach that week. It can be for anything – weight loss, eating habits, training goals, organizing your home, finishing a project, whatever. Your choice.
  2. Include the Weekly Chase badge on the post to help you link up to other bloggers that are chasing down goals for the week. I’ve made four badges for you to choose from (so any fellas that want to join in can) and I’ve included the code for each.
  3. Visit my Weekly Chase post every Monday so you can link up your post! This gives you the chance to peek in on other bloggers and form some awesome support systems.
  4. After the initial Weekly Chase post, make sure you include how you did on your goal for the previous week. The whole goal of this project is to get a wicked support system rolling and to help lift each other up!
  5. Tweet about your goals with the hashtag #weeklychase to see when others have posted, to fill everyone in on your accomplishments, or just to get a little extra push!

Do you think you want to join in? Read on to read all about my Weekly Chase! 
I was doing so good for a long time setting my goals... and I have really slacked off in the past month. I have felt it too... I have been saying over and over I need to get more organized again and get ahead. These are my weekly goals...

1. Batch Cooking: To cook and freeze-- another pack of Pizza Muffins and 4 full size Chicken Pot Pies and 4 individual pot pies. 

2. To run 20 miles.

3. To do 30 Day Shred 2 times this week.

4. To cook dinner each night the husband is off! (I have really, really been slacking on this lately and I do not like that)

This seems easy enough, right? It is so great to put goals on paper.. now next week when I give you my 2nd round of goals I have to tell you how this week went.. EEEK! A little nerve wracking to be honest.

Happy Monday Bloggy Friends!

Weekly Running Goals

Sat. 7/28-Fri. 8/3

Total Mileage: 25 miles

7/28: 5 miles

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Holding Yourself Accountable

Since I started really running in the past four months I have just set daily goals on the mileage that I want to meet.... but I am finding as my mileage is being up'd.. That isn't really working for me. So I have decided that I am going to just make weekly mileage goals. I think this will help in the case that something comes up, the hubby makes plans, or I am just tired- I can adjust my goals for that day. As long as I reach my weekly goal, I will be okay. Even if I can't do three miles one day... I still know that I am closer to my goal today than I was a week ago! What an awesome feeling! 

Do you make running goals in regards to mileage? I do to keep me accountable. I am a list maker.. I like to make lists of things I need to get done JUST so I can mark them off. Even if I have already cleaned the floors, if it wasn't on my list- I add it... JUST so I can mark it off. Sad, eh? At the end of the day when my whole TO-DO list is completed... I feel awesome. That is something I have always loved about my lesson plans.... checking off our daily plans. So, since I have been doing in home daycare, I have had to adjust to that... but I just make plans for our days here too! Gotta mark off that list. 

I have learned for me that if I go into the day without a plan for running, I will hold myself back. I will let myself stop before I hit my mental goal because I didn't have a plan. I have found that if I have a plan already set by that morning I am more likely to continue running and reach my goals. MOST of the time I stope running well ahead of my body needing to. I just do it because I am bored. 

So... today I wanted to share what my weekly plan is... I want to come back here each Friday night/Saturday morning and give you an update for my weekly running plan. I have 1/2 Marathons I am training for! I have to handle it! :) 


Weekly Running Goals
Sat. 7/28-Fri. 8/3

Total Mileage: 25 miles

Friday, July 27, 2012

Why I Run..

Why would anyone want to run? Trust me, I understand. I use to think the SAME thing. Today I just wanted to share WHY I run. I think a lot of people that run... run for different reasons. Having to sit down and put down on paper WHY you run can be challenging.. but I am eager to do it. Let me start by saying that when I started running, both times (2007, 2012)... I didn't start out with just running. Both times my ultimate goal was weightless so I was in the gym. I would do the elliptical and then the treadmill. As I lost weight I felt more confident and sure of myself and knew I could do more. Then it was like an addiction. Am I the fastest runner- NO! Chances are if you are a new runner, we would be able to run together well.. I do it because I love it, not to beat people! :)

MY Reasons for Running:


Me Time

Ultimately, that is number 1. How often do I truly run alone though? Maybe 1-2 every two weeks. Usually I  have the little munchkin with me... and I love it that way. There are days when the husband is home that I ask him to keep him just so I can get better time/mileage.. but for the most part he goes with me because he WANTS to 'go run.' But I do think this is ME time... even if he is with me. We put on music and we go. It is very nice. For those that do not know, I run a daycare... I love it. I love these kids. Somedays I NEEEEED to run more than I want to. Somedays I am more exhausted and just need that breath of fresh air. I am a teacher and taught for five years before moving to California.. which at that time I chose to open an in home daycare so I could be home with this little boy who has my heart. When my son was younger and I taught school and had to leave him at the sitter I felt GUILTY beyond belief going to the gym or anything without him. I know that is an excuse, as I mentioned in my post yesterday... but it was true. The guilt was very, very real... but it was also a very great excuse... Now because I am with him all day I don't feel guilty leaving him behind to go get me time .. but when it is running- he loves to go. Before I started running daily, I went to the gym and he loved to go. He would ask me every afternoon if we were going to the gym... that keeps you going! Once I started really enjoying running outside in this beautiful Cali weather, I dropped my gym membership for a few months so I can focus on my running! All that to say.. My #1 reason for running is to get that ME TIME that I desperately need. It is funny.. if I am stressed, ready to pull my hair out, ready to cry, or in a bad mood.. A Run Helps. So funny.. Who would have thought?


These boys

My son deserves a momma that is fit and active. He deserves to have me there ready to play and get involved in his sports and activities as he gets older. He deserves to be taught how to live a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraged to do so. The mom I am to him since we have started running is so much different than the mom I was during his first 2 years of life. It is awesome and I love it. My son loves to run, go to the gym, and especially go to RACES! Who would have ever thought that a 2 year old would have such a passion for races? He is the best running buddy that I could ask for. Sometimes I get sad I don't have a true running partner here in Cali, but I have to remember- I DO! It is just I am pushing him as we run instead of him running beside me. It is funny... I push him down the road and he pushes me to keep running. At the Color Run that we did a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco it was SO congested with thousands of people that at times we HAD to walk.. When I would stop and walk he would say, "Mom, need to race!" That made my day and THAT, my friends, is a huge reasons why I continue running.

My husband deserves a beautiful wife. My husband deserves a sexy wife. Am I there yet- negative.. But the fact that I work so hard at it makes me FEEL beautiful and sexy and makes me seem more beautiful and sexy to him! I love it Nate deserves a wife that is full of energy and can take care of herself. Taking care of myself by running on a regular basis helps me to in return take care of both of my boys. I have more energy to do .. everything. I enjoy being outside more, going on family outings more, and just being with. A happy me makes me such a better wife. I know he is proud and he is happy.. and he is my biggest supporter. Not once has he been negative about me going out running (2x yesterday, mind you) or about any of the races. I am so lucky.


How it makes me feel

I was never the athletic one among my friends or family.. I was always the overweight one. Being a runner makes me feel so wonderful. I feel confident and happy. I may not be the smallest girl out there, but I feel great. I eat better and work harder because I am a runner. I set goals because they make me feel good.. and I try and meet them. Becoming a runner has made me feel like I can do ANYTHING. Running makes me feel so strong and man, how it makes me happy. Someone asks me to do something that I have never done or felt comfortable doing- I am all in. I LOVE IT! Because .. I can do anything! :)



Oh my goodness... I love, love, LOVE running races. I never run to win. I never try and beat anyone- but myself. I want to beat my previous time... I would love to be one of those awesome people that actually WIN! But honestly, that isn't what I run for and isn't something I dream will ever happen. I enjoy how it makes me feel when doing races. I enjoy how the boy feels doing races... And I looooove how energetic it is at the races. Especially big ones. When I did the 1/2 in Little Rock it was nuts. Music, People, FUN everywhere. THAT is what pushed me to run those 13.1 miles (can't leave off that .1 when you do it) without stopping! I was SO proud of ME! I am addicted. I live on two websites looking up races. However, I am officially signed up for 3 (now) in August, 4 in September, and 2 in October. For now... I need to stop! This gets costly! :) Have you ever ran a race... what are your thoughts? And if you haven't.. and you are LOCAL.. come on, let's do it! I am all about getting with people and going running.. just seems not to be that many people I have actually met that want to do it like I do! Happy Running, Friends.

These are just some of the reasons I run. But mostly, I just love it. Getting back into it is one of the best decisions of my life! I love the person it helps me become. The mommy I am. The wife I am. I love the friends I make through it.

Why do you run... OR what keeps you from running?

Thursday, July 26, 2012


This little guy is my BRF and the reason I am striving to become a better person. I want the parent I am to rub off on the man he becomes! He is my little joy! 
BRF: Best Running Friend

Hi there! My name is Cassey and I am so excited for this blog. I am also a co-writer with my sister over at Natural-NesterS. We write about so many different, amazing things... you should totally check us out and see what is happening over there with us. We also do some pretty great Giveaways-- just closed our Giveaway on Coconut Oil. I am starting this blog to keep up with my running and to encourage those that feel a little discouraged. I will have occasional Guest Posts from people that have encouraged me along the way. First I would like to share a little bit of my story:

I grew up as an active girl. I always played softball and we were always playing outside. Out of the three of us- my brother, me, and my sister... I would say I was the LEAST active and also the LEAST coordinated. I like to blame that part on my lack of activity. HAHA! I played softball until the end of my freshman year... then I quit. HUGE mistake. I wasn't as good of a player as I imagined and I was not part of "the group" because I was not in athletics... so I honestly never played. Quitting that sport... the one I had played for many, many years... was only the beginning of a huge freeze on having an active lifestyle.

I gained weight of course because I was not active and well..quite frankly, I loved food. When I went to college, in 2001, I put on even MORE weight. I would always try and go work out-- but that never lasted longer than three days at a time, sadly. I survived off of Ramen Noodles and KFC Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. Many a night I would quickly stuff myself with a couple of bags of Ramen Noodles while the roommate was away... and let's not forget the sour cream that I mixed in to make it creamier. I wish I knew then what I know now.But it seemed like a lost cause anyways, so I may as well just enjoy the food.

I wasn't happy. I tried to pretend, but I wasn't. I was always the FAT girl and it.. sucked. I got married after two years of college to the boy I had been with since I was 16, the only boy I dated. I married him at the ripe weight of AT LEAST 230. Back then I didn't weigh myself. The wedding pictures are a complete BUST! I prefer to keep them hidden deep in a cabinet. We moved to Mississippi for our first duty station and I was able to finish school. I worked and went to school and continued to gain or remain the same. My weight always bothered my husband, and like college, I would try for a few days and stop. I would sneak food that to this day embarrasses me when I think of it. I was on a constant "weight" roller coaster.

I graduated with my Bachelors in 2007. I was to become a teacher. Something came over me at this time and I knew I did not want to be the fat teacher. I wanted to wear cute clothes.. I wanted to be happy.. I WANTED to feel beautiful. I interviewed for my first job and got it that March. When I went back for our first day in August, the principal didn't even recognize me because I had lost so much weight. My starting weight at that point was 225. During the next six months I lost enough weight to make me the happy teacher who dressed in cute clothes. I finally weighed less than 200. Matter of fact, my lowest weight was 148. But I was always battling it.

During this time I began running. A friend asked me to run a Half-Marathon with her. That thought had NEVER crossed my mind. She asked me in October of 2007. I wasn't a fast runner.. only a couple of miles on the treadmill here and there. My first response was "uh, no!" But the more I thought about it- the more exciting it became. Even as I ran my weight fluctuated between 155-165. But we did run. We ran almost daily prepping for that half. In March of 2008 we headed to Little Rock, Arkansas for our very first (and last) 1/2 Marathon. It was AMAZING!!! One of the best experiences of my life. My girlfriend said she could mark it off of her bucket list now.. I said it was off mine too.. because it was never on it! (For the record, I have the itch again and will be doing a 1/2 in October and in Feb). During the beginning of 2008, I ran two 10Ks, two 5Ks, and one 1/2 Marathon. These runs all changed me.

July of 2008 we moved to Japan. The day I left for Japan I weighed 165. For the next six months I was still dedicated to the gym. Many times I would go twice a day... my weight still stayed in the 160s.. In January of 2009, my husband deployed (again) and I became a little relaxed on my gym time. I enjoyed hanging with my girlfriends, the Japanese food, and working.. teaching 6th graders. I still felt like a cute enough teacher. I was unhappy with myself and yet comfortable at the same time. When my husband returned in June 2009, I was weighing between 168-172. Notice the slight gain since being in Mississippi. I was the most happy at 155... so seeing the 170s again broke my heart. Mom and Sister spent a month with us in Japan. After they left we headed to Tokyo to climb Mt. Fuji. WHAT AN AMAZING experience. I am so thankful we did that. I found out upon our arrival home that I was PREGNANT. I had gotten sick on the bus ride home.... but would have never guessed it. After 7 years of marriage we would have a baby!

And then it began. At first I did good... And then.. well you know how that goes. I gained a significant amount of weight with my boy and you certainly did NOT find me in the gym. I was enjoying life. Breastfeeding makes it fall off, right? UH..NOT for me! The day I found out I was pregnant I weighed in at 173. Eight days after having my boy, I weighed in at 178. Not TOO bad, I suppose. This is where the issue begins.... nothing inside of me stopped eating like I did when I was pregnant and you still did not find me in the gym. Working full time I felt guilty going to the gym without him and taking him along was a nightmare... These are simple excuses- but the guilt was real. So I live the next year and a half in Japan.. going through some of the hardest times of my life: losing my brother in December of 2009, losing one of my best friends, and moving away from this family I created in Japan. And.. well I ate. I ate well. And then.. Well, I would eat some more. I was sneaky.. and I was good.

Good enough to put me at our next duty station in California in July 2011 weighing at over 200lbs. I was out of control- AGAIN! When would it end? When would I find that passion for fitness again? For healthy eating? I tried.. but it never lasted. In December of 2011, I joined a gym. It was a good thing for me.. because it gave me some ME time. But I still didn't lose weight. In March of 2012, I got serious again. My boy had just turned 2 and I knew it was time. It was time to bring me back!

So... in March I weighed in at 210. Today I weighed in at 174. (Still up from the 168 I saw a couple of months ago). In March I started running again... In May I let my gym membership go because I love running outside with my boy. I want to put weight training into my workouts, but I just haven't yet. But I run... Oh I run. I love to run. My boy loves to run. And... I am SO addicted. But this time, not to food. I am addicted to races. I set a goal for myself in May to do 4 races (5Ks) before the end of the year... Today, July 26, I have already completed those four.

My son and I did our first 5K on Memorial Day, May 28th... and since then I have done a July 4th 5K, a Color Run 5K, and a 5K Mud Run. I LOVE IT. He LOVES IT. I am becoming a better ME and in return raising a better HIM! I love it.

My best friend from Japan moved back to the states. About a month ago she mentioned that I should come to Florida and do the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in February with her. NEGATIVE! I have checked that off of the list it was never on.. and am not interested. Riiiight! As I have kept running... it has been so much a part of my thoughts. Two weeks ago we booked our tickets, got our hotel, and purchased the 1/2 Marathon ticket. I am stoked. I am loving this new life... and am so truly happy.
I want so bad to inspire others... and to get others to run with me. I know what it feels like to only be able to barely run one minute or not feel like your hips or feet can go. I promise, I have been there. I hope to make a difference in peoples lives... and I hope this blog can help me reach out and help others... and learn from you.
Planned Races: AUGUST
  • Color Run (again, discounted price)
  • Moonlight 10K (Pray for Me), and my boys first race
  • Mud Run (with a girlfriend, yay)
  • Labor Day 10K and my boys 2nd race
  • Foam Fest 5K
  • 10K
  • 5K
  • 1/2 Marathon (with a friend, yay)
Thanks for reading.. Please leave a comment! I love to read them and will respond back at ya!
P.S. Who is your BRF???