Our Races

2012 SCHEDULE Races

September: Labor Day 10K (Big Sis)
Foam Fest Sacramento (Big Sis)
Run for Mercy 5K (Big Sis)
Run for Courage 10K (Big Sis)
Mud Run (Lil Sis and MOM)
October: Yuba City Breast Cancer 5K (Big Sis)
1/2 Marathon TEXAS (Big and Lil Sis)
November: Foam Run (Lil Sis and MOM) 
February: Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon (Big Sis)

2012 Races COMPLETED:

May: Memorial Day 5K (Big Sis)
July: Fight out Crime (Big Sis)
Color Run- San Francisco (Big Sis)
Ali's Mud Run (Big Sis)
Color Run Sacramento (Big Sis)

Twin Cities Twilight 5K (Big Sis)

 Tough 'n Dirty Mud Run (Big Sis)
Alex's 10K Virtual Run (Big Sis)

Barking Mad about Breast Cancer Virtual Run(Big Sis)
Whole Foods 1/2 Marathon (Big Sis)


  1. Good job on all the races. What is a "foam race"? J/W.... (maybe you can link to the race URLs for more info? Thx)

  2. Hey I just added the link to the foam fest foam runs on this page. Just click the November Foam Run! Hope that helps, and thanks!