Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 5 Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Celebration Day #5!
I am so excited about today's Birthday Bash Giveaway! Why you ask? Well we are TWO GIVEAWAYS today! And they are actually both things that I use in my own home.  
First off, let me introduce to you Nikki Dean, the creator of Classy Cords! 
The fun thing about Nikki is that she is from our home town, so we have known her for a while! It is such a special treat to have her doing a giveaway to all of our readers today.  
Along with that, I LOVE HER PRODUCT! Have you ever noticed how annoying or "not classy" it looks to have your lamp, TV, or scentsy cords hanging around? Well Classy Cords fixes all that! 
Take a look at these! 
Here's a few of her cord designs: 
So for the celebration today one of our readers will get to win their very own Classy Cord! 
The second GIVEAWAY we are doing for you today is another RooSport! 
Another wonderful product that we love, but on a totally different spectrum! We recently did a review on the RooSport, that you can read about here!
I have used the RooSport for working out, and also on occasions when I need my phone with me, but I also know that I need my hands free.  It is handy in so many ways.  
When working out, it has become one of my must have, essential running companions.  I not only put my phone in their for safety, but also for music, and the RooSport has two pockets, so I also put my energy sports beans in the smaller pocket on my longer runs.  
If you are looking for something to use while running, walking, hiking, or even riding your bike this is definitely a great product to use for that.  I love using mine! 
The greatest part about it is that since RooSport is celebrating our birthdays with us, one of our lucky readers will be able to win one of their very own!! 
Thanks so much for celebrating with us! 


  1. I would put my Gu, ID, and my phone in it!

  2. I would love the classy cords for my office desk in which the cords are at the front of the desk for all to see. A nice solid black would be awesome.

  3. I would use the RooSport for my phone.

  4. I would use the RooSport to put in my phone, id, and iPod. :)

  5. I would use the roo sport to hold my phone, keys, and sport beans!!

  6. I would use it to hold all my stuff even tampons during a run or workout.

  7. I would use the Roosport for my phone!!!

  8. I would use a cord cover on the cords under my computer desk!

  9. I would use the Roosport for my phone and keys!

  10. I would use the cord cover for the lamp on my nightstand.

  11. I would use the cord cover for all of the cords behind my TV. And I would use the Roosport whenever I go on my long walks to keep my iPhone in and whatever else I feel like I need to take with me.